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CANNP offers many helpful add-ons for your site and other items to help you present your business more professionally. Some are just for you.

Seeking a Nutritionist

Either add a Power Point Video to add to your site to help guide individuals the best way to seek nutritional services or a White Board Video.

What is a holistic/natural nutrition counsellor?

Share this pdf with your clients or feel free to post it on your own website or social media links.
This document outlines the differentiation between professions.
Here are some elevator speech points for you to use.
Words to use as part of your title or descriptive.

Canadian Supplement Companies

Supplied by the Membership for the Membership.

1,000 Reasons Why – Insurance Campaign

We are asking all Members to participate so that we can compile 1,000 authentic reasons why a client would want to pursue Holistic Nutrition as a personal health choice. We feel that this would be highly compelling and difficult for insurers to turn away from.

1. Please direct your clients to use the “Take Action” link on our home page.

2. The client is asked to complete a very short survey asking for name, email, province and one simple reason why.

3. You can assist your client by using  lengthy list of reasons which you and your client can choose from, or come up with one yourself.

It is all hands on deck for this one please!! Getting coverage is good for us as well as your clients so it should be pretty easy to entice them to help out. For those who visit you in person or on zoom over the next several weeks, please assist them in completing the form. For those clients who you are not actually meeting with, please reach out with an appropriate letter.
We have tried to take all the guess work out and make participation very easy for you and your client. Let’s make it happen!

Send to your Corporate Contact or Client Employer

The Insurance Challenge continues! One of our dedicated Members pulled together an impressive piece to share with insurers and we adjusted so that it can also be shared corporately. It is our belief that if corporations were to put pressure on insurers, things would more likely to change. Please consider sharing with your clients or any corporate contacts you may have. Together we can bring about change — we have proven so.

Send to your MPP

As part of the Insurance Challenge, we are asking all of our Members to print this letter, add your logo/address, date and send to your local MPP. Maybe someone will take notice! We can be part of the solution to a failing health care system with a focus shift to prevention.

Letters to Encourage Extended Health Coverage

Letter to Insurance Companies about the good work that NNCP’s do which potentially leads to a decrease in the insurance burden.

Letter to Employers  highlighting the need to be included in employee health plans and the impact of NNCP’s on encouraging a healthy work environment.

Integrated Health letter  for you to send to conventional practitioners. Your clients can also represent you by communicating with their other health care professionals.

Reach Corporations About Coverage

The insurance companies tell us that in order to become better recognized, we need to put the pressure on from the corporate end. We all have to reach out to the companies we know and have them ask for “nutritionist counselling” coverage. This Inforgraphic and explanation chart may be helpful in those efforts.


As a member, the CANNP logo is one that you can use proudly on any of your promotional materials. This is a practice commonly implemented in a wide variety of professions.

Right click on the logo image and save as or use the following HTML code to place logo on your website:

<a href=”” title=”CANNP”><img src=”” width=”120″ height=”180″ alt=”CANNP logo /></a>

<a href=”” title=”CANNP”><img src=”” width=”220″ height=”150″ alt=”CANNP logo /></a>

The use of the Logo is subject to the following terms and condition:

  • The logo may only be used by current active members of the CANNP.
  • The logo may be reproduced on your business cards and marketing materials solely for the purpose of showing your membership in the CANNP.
  • You may not hold yourself out as representing or speaking on behalf of the CANNP and you may not use the logo to give this inference.
  • You may not edit or alter the logo in any way.
  • The logo is the property of the CANNP. The CANNP is granting members a license to use the logo in accordance with these terms and conditions. The CANNP reserves the right to prohibit usage of the logo where, in its sole discretion, it determines the member or the use of the logo, is in breach of any of these conditions.

Flyer  — a Stop-Gap Measure

We have provided you with a flyer that you are welcome to print and distribute. It briefly explains how NNCPs are different and how we can help. There is room on the lower left for your business card.

Stop Gap Flyer download


Wish you could design a professional looking brochure to promote your services? We’ve given you a place to start.

Here you will find a two panel brochure for your use. You can print the brochure using your own colour printer or you can take it to a commercial outfit. Alternatively, you are welcome to simply use and adapt the copy or design idea to use as you wish. Once printed, attaching your business card on the inside panel, will make the brochure personally yours.

Brochure download

Cover to Cover

Your fellow Members have written books! Here is an overview of those which have been sent our way.

CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd., Cyto-Matrix, Innovite and Orange Naturals

CANNP Members receive 25% off any initial order (single brand or multi-brand order) and an ongoing professional discount on any subsequent orders (single brand or multi-brand order). Applies to Canprev, Cyto-Matrix, Innovate and Orange Naturals. A shipping fee may apply.

888-226-7733 or local 905-881-6800

CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd.

This all-Canadian company develops and markets premium products. CanPrev was founded on the belief that many health problems can be prevented or solved by supplying our bodies with nutrients that are already present in nature. They merge the best creative and critical thinking with the latest scientific research. They also have an on-staff research and development team and an impressive advisory panel.

Cyto- Matrix

Cyto-Matrix is a professional natural health product company with expertise in product development, scientific analysis, continuing health  and client education are evident in all activities. Proudly Canadian.


An industry pioneer since 1983 with a love for bringing healthier choices to Canadians that runs deep. They are all about exploring and discovering health products that really work, so that you can share the best with your clients.

Orange Naturals

Orange Naturals makes professional quality, naturopathic health products that are convenient to use and easy to understand. Proudly Canadian and formulated by Naturopathic Doctors.


Adaptdaily is a Canadian, female-run herbal & functional superfood wellness company specializing in adaptogens & herbal superfood blends for everyday health. Their products are: low-waste (if not zero-waste whenever possible), practitioner-grade (medicinal doses), responsibly sourced (& with only Certified Organic herbs), 3rd party tested, and Vegan, GMO Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non-irradiated and free from hexanes, excipients or mycotoxins. Their mission is to help people start adapting on the daily with adaptogenic herbs in easy-to-use forms!

CANNP Members get 20% off. Use code CANNP20

Prairie Narturals

Prairie Naturals is a privately owned, family business headquartered near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our core business is the research, development, marketing and distribution of more than 100 premium quality nutritional supplements, natural hair and natural body care products.

CANNP Members get 25% off. Use code cannp25

St. Francis Herb Farm

For over 34 years St. Francis Herb Farm has crafted and distributed plant medicine to help Canadians in their wellness journey. They feature a line of single herbs in both tincture and capsule; formulas that target direct health needs like immunity, stress and digestion as well as topical products. Practitioners can set up an account and order directly. Once you have an account, use the code CANNP10 to receive a 10% on-going savings.


Healthology shares the belief that your health is in your hands and that you need to take control and nurture it for a long and healthy life. They also believe in giving back and making communities better. You may have heard of some of the Healthology and Salus products like GUT-FX and SLEEP-GREAT and Floradix Liquid Iron which have a long standing favorite with practitioners across Canada. As a CANNP member, you are entitled to 10% off all products once you open an account with this company. For more information, please visit or email Please let them know you are with the CAANP and they will confirm your status with us.

Tucan Canada

At Tucan Canada, we provide wellness-minded people with holistic food products of clean and honest ingredients to support gut-brain health. Always clean ingredients | non-GMO | Organic | Innovative AR Labels | Holistic Nutritionist owned | Canada-based Family Business.  A 15% Member discount is available to use on their Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Organic dried fruit chips. Coupon code: OLIVEYOURLIFE.

Empower Inspire Grow

Why spend hours creating new products or content for your social media accounts and blogs? Empower Inspire Grow offers done-for-you ebooks, social media images, business tools, and content calendars, allowing nutrition practitioners to focus on helping clients rather than content creation. Professional Members can receive a 20% discount on all regular priced products from Fleet Creative. In addition, members also receive a free workbook, Multiple Income Streams For Holistic Nutritionists. This workbook guides readers through the process of identifying areas within their practice that can be developed into digital products. Use code cannp20.

Vitamix Special

CANNP Professional Members can now own their own Vitamix at a discounted price using the code VITA@CORP22$. The offering changes quarterly so check for the latest offer. For more information on the product click here.
You can use the code in one of 3 ways:

12-Part Mentoring Program

Available in Business Tools – Members


Members can now register for a Goodlife Corporate Membership at a huge discount!! It comes with all the perks but you will need a valid NNCP number to quality!!

Storwell Self Storage

Storwell Self Storage has been providing high quality self-self storage solutions in the GTA for over 20 years. Storwell’s facilities have the latest security features including individually alarmed units and passcode gate access. As members of the CANNP, new customers to Storwell Self Storage will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on their first self-storage unit rental. Phone: (416) 259-5555

Sunbutter Sample Kit

The SunButter sample kit is ideal for healthcare practitioners who recommend SunButter to their patients with food allergies and other dietary needs or who are looking for a healthy alternative. SunButter is free from the top 8 food allergens and certified gluten free. You can order your own sample kit.

Need Upgrading Options? Cover to Cover May Help!

Here is a listing of some of the books that are produced by our Members. Any of them will count towards your upgrading hours and we love that we can support one another in this way!!!