Research Tools

CANNP looks for ways to help Members provide the most up-to-date information from a variety of sources.

An Examine membership makes it easy to stay on top of nutrition research. Members get access to a comprehensive database of all the research on a supplement or health topic, 150+ summaries of the newest studies every month, and in-depth analysis of the most important and interesting studies. Every summary comes with references.

Health professionals: this is for you. Examine saves you time and tons of effort while making sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Special CANNP Member pricing from the Members only section.

Tag the Expert, Podcasts and Power Hours

We have a growing list of podcasts available to professional Members many from experts you would not otherwise easily meet. Many of our Power Hours are also recorded — but it is much more fun to attend in person. Please watch mailings and The Voice for newly added podcasts.

    Research Library

    CANNP has identified superior options for nutritional and related health research. We sought alternatives that are not overly mainstream or conservative, and that do not depend on the need for further empirical evidence to be conducted. The library includes online sites, journals and apps.

      The Legal Guide for Canadian Holistic Nutritionists
      Now available from

      Glenn Rumbell, a lawyer who is actively involved in Canada’s growing community of independent nutritional advisers, wrote this must-have manual for anyone who seeks to provide the services of an independent “Holistic Nutritionist” in Canada. The Legal Guide for Canadian Holistic Nutritionists is a reader-friendly introduction to the major laws that regulate the provision of our services. It is designed to provide the information independent nutritionists need to know, from the restrictions that exist on the use of professional titles, to the specific procedures that can be safely performed within each province of Canada.
      If you wish to purchase an electronic version, which is available by redeeming and accessing a website and cannot be downloaded (not as a kindle book), you can do so here. A unique access code will be generated and sent to you within a couple of days.

        The Voice – Newsletter

        Keep up to date on the latest industry news by reading The Voice.  More than news, knowledge and niceties, we answer your most pressing questions and strive to provide the best business advice to help you keep growing. We include a variety of topics from our lawyer, business coaches and graphic artist so you are supported from every angle. Recurring departments include Business Buzz, Science Catching Up and Wild, Wacky, Wonderful Websites as well as book reviews and so much more.

          Mentoring Round Table

          CANNP features some of our more successful Members as mentors during a round table discussion of questions that Members pose. This happens several times per year.