1,000 Reasons Why

Materials for CANNP Member Use

Client Letter – Link

Just engage 10 clients — and we will far surpass our goal!

1,000 Reasons Why!

I appreciate you being part of the “1000 Reasons Why” insurance campaign.

My professional association is seeking real reasons, based on your personal history, why you decided to work with a holistic nutritionist and/or the health benefits you have observed. Ultimately this list of 1000 personal experiences will be collated and delivered to several insurance companies as a way of solidifying the place of holistic nutrition in insurance benefit plans.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go to cannp.ca.
  2. Click on the Take Action link at the top of the home page.
  3. Complete your plea with your name, province and email.
  4. Your reason why should be authentic, in your words or from your perspective and it need not be lengthy — one simple statement will suffice.

You could say something like ________ or ________.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to help us out. Hopefully 1,000 Reasons Why will be compelling to all insurance companies giving you the choice in a health care practitioner.


Reason Examples – Link

Your client reason should feel authentic but if they don’t know where to start here are some examples.


  • I’m sleeping better
  • Helped me lose weight.
  • I have pre diabetes and I never want to go on insulin….I’m working to prevent that.
  • I am working with my nutritionist to reduce my risk of cancer coming back.
  • I have so much more energy at work, home and I have my nutritionist to thank.
  • I couldn’t afford to work with a nutritionist but it was preference.
  • Waiting for a dietician through my doctor took 6 months.
  • I am still waiting.
  • It was prescription after prescription for recurrent infections until I started working with my nutritionist.
  • I’ve had employees declined coverage for their nutritionist.
  • I would like to choose the practitioner that I want to work with, not make the choice because of limitations to my group coverage.
  • I was able to come off my heartburn medication as a result of working with my holistic nutritionist
  • I chose a holistic nutritionist because she considered more than just the food I ate – it was about all of the things that contribute to my well-being. It was the whole body approach I needed just when I needed it.
  • When I started to work with my holistic nutritionist, she didn’t only help me, my whole family benefited…even my husband lost 20 pounds!
  • Unfortunately, due to lack of insurance coverage I could not continue working with my nutritionist.  It was a shame because we were making good progress.
  • Helped to curb inflammation in my body.
  • I am better able to control my pain by making proper choices.
  • I am arthritic and I have noticed I have better mobility.
  • I did not get sick this winter. My nutritionist worked with me on boosting my immunity.
  • I noticed that my seasonal allergies are much reduced.
  • My on-going stomach issues are totally under control! I just have to watch what I eat. My nutritionist showed me how.
  • I am no longer running to the restroom during meetings.
  • My nutritionist helped put all the pieces of my health puzzle together.
  • My nutritionist gave me my life back!
  • I have new found energy and no more brain fog.
  • I am living my best life now.
  • I chose not to take the flu vaccine and work with my nutritionist instead. Worked for me!
  • I try to do things as naturally as possible so a more holistic approach fit with my needs.
  • I don’t like the one size fits all approach of conventional practitioners.
  • I no longer bloat or belch when I eat. My wife is much happier!
  • My nutritionist helped me limit the foods that were headache triggers for me.
  • I learned so much working with my nutritionist.
  • I have learned how to use more of the good, healthy foods in my cooking.
  • I can now see how most of the population is suffering from poor health due to an inadequate diet.
  • I want to have choice regarding all my health issues.
  • I have so much more energy.
  • I feel way more productive.
  • I no longer have those 3pm tired blues.
  • I feel healthier than ever before — no one has helped me as much as my nutritionist.
  • I am so glad that my nutritionist got me feeling so good that I was able to speak with my MD about reducing my medications.