Business Tool Options for Professional Members

These tools help to enhance your practice and presence with clients and CANNP works to secure special Member pricing.

Immediate Free Access

Designation NNCP
(RNT Option)

NNCP (Natural Nutrition – Clinical Practitioner) designation, chosen because it works well in most provinces. The Registered Nutritional Therapist title comes with a one-time nominal fee for those who qualify and retain their NNCP status in good standing.

Challenge and Accountability

For a 2 month period, 10 Members meet to tackle business tasks that you should be pursuing to either start your business on the right track or refresh your existing practice. But that’s not all – you will be accountable to complete them! You with paired with a partner for support and we all meet as a group every two weeks to hone the results.

Free Giveaways

Most months we offer something free to Members. We offer everything from business related advice articles to items meant to share with clients — all worthwhile, saving time and effort.

Free Power Hours

Most months we offer an opportunity to connect with a guest with whom you might not otherwise be able to access. Besides being a fabulous networking opportunity, these informal presentations are most informative and helpful.
“Over the past month I have dared to actually set up my office, apply for the proper provincial permits, and order business cards. This Power Hour was the final push I needed to just go for it.”  Shawn K.

Free Research Library

As they become available, we accumulate sites and apps which may be helpful to a growing nutrition business.

Free Newletter The Voice

Four times a year we offer an 8 page newsletter. Not only does it have all the news you may have missed, but we have features including Legal Notes from Lawyer Glenn and Business Buzz from Advisor Paul as well as Science Catching Up, Wild Wacky Wonderful websites, business coach advice, book reviews and much, much more.

Free Mentoring 12-Part Series

Resident on our site is a series to work through in order to help you start on the right track. Though we make every attempt to pair new grads with more experienced Members this is not always timely. This valuable series fills the gap.

Free Use of Logo/Brochure

If you desire to add the CANNP credibility to your materials, you are welcome to use the logo from the Members Only area. We also provide a basic starter brochure for your use, while you get your customized materials into production.

Free Presentation about Holistic Nutrition

You are welcome to add a presentation about how we are different from the others in the field to your site. We encourage Members to be cautious about presenting like dieticians or ND’s and to differentiate themselves from those who have a less advanced education.

Free Welcome/Renewal Packages

We have negotiated for our members to get discounts on products and services and many of these folks donate samples to us which add to our welcome and renewal packages.

You get an envelope with coupons, recipes, samples … whatever surprises we have on hand at the moment.

“Behind the Scenes” Work for Industry

Insurance Challenge
CANNP has been working diligently on what we affectionately call the insurance challenge. So this has to do with getting your services covered by the clients insurer. To date we have confirmation of coverage, in writing, from several larger insurance companies and are pounding on the doors of others. Many others check with us daily about Membership status.

Government Lobbying

CANNP is on top of the government policy situation. We have met with the Ontario government and the Nova Scotia government as well as dietician organizations. Glenn who wrote our book on practicing legally in Canada, keeps regular tabs on the provincial comings and goings. So lobbying on behalf of our Members is something that we have done quite vocally and will continue to do.


A couple of years ago we spearheaded a group called CAN  – Canadian Action for Nutrition and brought together some major stakeholders in the industry. Our goal was to be sure we were all on the same page about how we are different from others in the industry and to work to protect the role of nutrition.

Responsive Trouble Shooting

We pride ourselves on being responsive to Members and taking suggestions seriously. The best way to contact us for prompt response is through email

Options for Nominal Fee

Starter Kit — 10 Jump-Start Forms

The Starter Kit comes with 10 helpful consulting forms which are a great jumping off point as you start your business. They include: Client Statement, Lifestyle Intake, Healthier Food Guide, Digestive Diagram, Protocol/Recommendations, Elimination Approach 1 and 2, Food Diary, Statement/Order, Receipt and Appointment Notes — all in either docx or pdf format. The kit comes complete with an extensive document outlining recommendations as to when and how to use each form.

Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.

TrueView Symptomology Tool

TrueView is a tool for natural nutrition practitioners, which makes use of individual health factors to identify areas of imbalance in the body. When used in conjunction with a lifestyle assessment or intake interview, TrueView makes the use of symptomatology more manageable and clarifies the overall picture. TrueView has all the qualities to make nutritional consultation, when used with your education and knowledge, more accurate, relevant and profitable. Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.

Presentations for Web Sharing or Distribution to Clients

CANNP has put together 4 short video presentations about the following topics:
Food Therapy – Tips for Digestion
Label Reading
They are available to Members and suitable for sharing or using on your own website. Available to Professional Members from the CANNP Store.
Review the contents in the Member-only area of the site under “Business Tools.”
Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.

Colour Your Plate — Talking Produce

Colour Your Plate is a series of 1-minute movies are directed to children, teaching them about fruit and vegetables (and healthy eating more generally) in a fun way — through animated produce.

For the Professional Member, the concept is to offer you something to share with your clients who may have children or grandchildren. Making new eating habits a family affair will encourage compliance and compliance means you will be more successful.

This series also offers you an easy and efficient way to send something to your mailing list regularly — keeping you top-of-mind.

We have offered the following 6 talking produce videos to Members at no cost, but if you missed out, they can be purchased by Professional Members as a set:

  • Andy the Adorable Apple
  • Alex the Awesome Asparagus
  • Betsy the Beautiful Broccoli
  • Carl the Crazy Crunchy Carrot
  • Clair the Cool Cucumber
  • Sammy Super Strong SpinachAvailable to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.

Newsworthy — An Email Newsletter Option from Your Email to Clients

Newsworthy provides practitioners with a ready-made opportunity to stay in touch with your email list, 12 times a year. Written and designed by a graphic artist, turned nutritionist — the best of both worlds — Newsworthy is a convenient way for Professional Members to stay top-of-mind with present and potential clients, with very little effort.

Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.

Business Plan Template

A comprehensive outline of all the important questions that a successful business owner should ask from time-to-time. A business plan will keep your practice on track by helping you to evaluate where your business has been, where it is presently, and where it is heading. It comes in two formats — one on-line and one to print and hand write — and includes a “how-to” article for nutritionists.
Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the CANNP Store.


Meal Garden

Meal Garden was developed with an agile approach, focused on solving the problems practitioners face day-to-day. Today, it is one of the go-to nutrition tools for hundreds of dedicated health practitioners in a variety of industries. Our goal is to provide the most versatile and capable platform for users to share with clients on the journey to a healthier, happier life.

Now CANNP Professional Members have a meal planning choice, at special pricing.


Modernmeal helps nutritional professionals collect recipes, analyze nutritional data and provide client access to simplify meal planning. It is fabulous option for enhancing your business. The digital recipe tool allows you to create, search, import or copy recipes to build your collection. Build meal plans, scale servings, automatically create grocery lists, and easily share with clients. Access powerful nutritional analysis tool for any recipe in your account.

Create customized meal plans and group recipes into collections for your clients to give them great tasting, healthy options. Clients can use your prescribed meal plans, or create their own and track their daily nutritional values, instantly create digital grocery lists, and simplify cooking. Add to your client offering and the opportunity to supplement your income by exposing clients to this comprehensive and easy to use platform.

Special pricing for CANNP Members.


Fullscript lets nutritionists to set up your own virtual dispensary, allowing you to recommend natural health products to clients — all without the hassle of carrying and managing an inventory.Available to qualifying practitioners, including NNCP’s.

Practice Better

Practice Better is the complete nutrition practice management platform for health and wellness professionals. It is a one-stop solution for managing professional recommendations, bookings, payments and tracking client progress.

Customize your availability and allow clients to book on line. Create notes, protocols and recommendations for health concerns you routinely encounter. Set up modifiable templates to meet individual needs. It is a comprehensive solution to help you manage your practice and the entire client journey, with several pricing options as you grow.

Test drive for free and whenever you are comfortable, as a CANNP Member, you receive a special rate for six full months!

Metabolic Balance ® Coach Program

Metabolic Balance is an add-on tool that can enhance any nutrition practice. The program fits neatly within an existing or new practice and makes it easy to produce a personal nutrition plan for clients — usually within 24-48 hours. Ask about specials for CANNP Members who wish to become Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches. To register contact Vera Jamin.

That Clean Life

The best way to create beautiful meal plans, help your clients achieve success and grow your wellness business. Access our growing database of professionally photographed recipes, and provide your clients with Programs they will actually be excited about.

Generate meal plans with a grocery list, recipes and prep guide in minutes. Save time, and know your clients will be impressed and get the value they want.

Streamline the creation of custom resources your clients need to get the results they want, and turn them into successful raving fans.

Tradeshow Admissions

CANNP Members with a valid NNCP number are often offered either free or 2 for 1 options to attend industry tradeshows.