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CANNP supports The Legal Guide for Canadian Holistic Nutritionists. From time to time we also suggest other health related titles.

The Legal Guide for Canadian Holistic Nutritionists


Glenn Rumbell, a lawyer who is actively involved in Canada’s growing community of independent nutritional advisers, wrote this must-have manual for anyone who seeks to provide the services of an independent “Holistic Nutritionist” in Canada. The Legal Guide for Canadian Holistic Nutritionists is a reader-friendly introduction to the major laws that regulate the provision of our services. It is designed to provide the information independent nutritionists need to know, from the restrictions that exist on the use of professional titles, to the specific procedures that can be safely performed within each province of Canada.
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Saved by Nutrition

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Saved by Nutrition is an anthology of triumphs through the use of Holistic Nutrition. These are real stories by real nutritionists who found their way to the industry by using nutrition themselves to heal personal health issues.

The stories will give hope to your clients as they come to understand that seeing you as a Holistic Nutritionist can lead them down a path toward wellness.

Saved by Nutrition is proof that professionals in our industry can make a huge difference in the lives of everyday people.

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Healing Cannabis Edibles, Exploring the Synergy of Power Herbs

Healing Cannabis Edibles, Exploring the Synergy of Power Herbs*, is a Cannabis 101 as well as a cookbook.  It helps readers understand the components of the plant — its cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes and how each one has its own healing powers and how they work with one another. It also simply explains how Cannabis works within our own endocannabinoid system. This book explores the effects of Cannabis and other herbs for eight medical conditions:  Appetite Loss, Athletic Enhancement, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Memory, Pain, and Sleep. It is of interest to seniors and those who would like to use complementary treatments.
With 100 bibliographic references, 100 recipes, cooking tips, and well-researched chapters about the plant and how it works in our bodies, this book is foundational for anyone interested in learning about the power of this herb.
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