Toys for Afghan Children

CANNP and our Membership want to help the new children coming to Canada from Afghanistan.

How you can help

To be received prior to Thanksgiving Members can do one of the following:

  1. Local to North Toronto, Members can drop off new toys. Toys can also be mailed to this location. Email for the proper address. The organization asks that we only accept new toys due to sanitizing etc. issues.
  2. Members can send us an etrans/paypal payment using the link below, which we will turn into toys. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT an official charitable organization so we are unable to issue a donation receipt.
  3. Members can alternatively send us gift cards to toy stores (Toy R Us or Walmart etc.) where will purchase the toys.

Next Steps

The dollars and gift cards will be turned into toys — predominately gender neutral and a variety of age appropriate, some with the notion that these children may be learning English. 

Those toys and the ones sent via mail or dropped off, will be sorted into age categories and they will be delivered to Afghan Canadian Response group.

Now what?

If you plan to mail or drop something off, send us a note and we will forward the address to you.

Otherwise an etrans or paypal payment can be made below.

Gift cards from an appropriate Toy Store can be mailed directly to CANNP, 335 St Andrews St E, Fergus, ON N1M 1R3

Thank you for participating. We will send you a picture of what is being purchased with your gift.

Again, please note we are NOT an official charitable organization and can therefore not issue a donation receipt.