Take Action — Insurance Challenge

CANNP actively pursues extended health insurers to educate and entice.

We are actively undertaking what we affectionately call the “insurance challenge,” reaching out to companies and corporations to attempt to educate and activate positive movement in the industry. We have confirmation in writing of recognition from several companies and continue to pursue others. Every day we are approached by companies, some not on our list, to validate membership.

We request that all clients submit insurance claims for services even if they do not have coverage so that their human resources understands that there is a desire for these services. As well be sure that all submissions have the CANNP logo as well as a valid NNCP number. We encourage Members to renew on a timely basis so that insurers that check the database are aware that you are current and in good standing.

The insurance companies tell us that in order to become better recognized, we need to put the pressure on from the corporate end — that means clients need to ask for coverage, over and over, and submit claims, over and over. We all have to reach out to the companies we know and have them ask for “nutritionist counselling” coverage. We have lots of material on the site about what we do and why we differ from others in the industry — making consumer choice important!

While CANNP will continue to look for more coverage, we do advise practitioners to not attempt to build a business on the hope of insurance coverage but instead to build a practice around your perceived value.

For more information about the status of insurance please log into the Members only area, Insurance.