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All Members are welcome to attend Power Hours. Reserve your spot with a $10 fee, totally refundable if you attend.

I am a CANNP Member in good standing and I would like to attend the Power Hour with Dr. Nadine about Vagus Nerve

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November 15 at 11:30 am Toronto Time.

Our nervous system is oriented toward health and healing, seeking to find and maintain homeostasis: a steady state of internal physical and emotional balance that allows us to function optimally — and with a felt sense of safety.
Join us to learn how through specific vagus nerve stimulation techniques we can re-pattern sensory pathways to become more effective at modulating and responding to our environment.


Power Hour with Dr. Nadine

I understand that in order to hold my space, I must pay a $10 fee which is totally refundable if I take my place in the webinar. Zoom link will be forwarded closer to presentation date.