Podcasts and Power Hours

Many of our visiting guests share expertise that Members would not otherwise easily find and we share their insights virtually.


Subconscious Release Technique

Michelle Post shared this important technique with us, meant to acknowledge and release subconscious negative emotions that are keeping you and your clients from achieving most success. We were unable to download both audio and video so you have access to the audio, at least for now. Break through the barriers here.

Every Word Has Power

Dr. Yvonne, best-selling author of “Every Word has Power,” is at the leading edge of the new development field of Human Behavioral Technology. She shared with us valuable information on what your words and body-language, and that of the person sitting across from you, might be portraying, and how you can improve your success with just a few adjustments. Her insights are valuable and sure to hit home with every health practitioner.

Removing Subconscious Blocks

Dr. Lise Janelle,  renowned business coach, professional speaker author, educator and founder of the Centre for Heart Living, explores the importance of freeing yourself by finding and removing sub-conscious blocks and emotional imbalance, setting yourself on the path to finding your greatness.

Programming, Procrastination and Perfectionism

Jenna Dalton, Client Attraction Coach, highlights the issues around Programming, Procrastination, and Perfectionism as well as other blocks to success.

Building Confidence

Business Confidence Coach, Jenna Dalton,  speaks about how building your confidence is a major stepping stone to success. Pinpoint where you are being held back.

Commonsense Approaches to Building Businesses

Business Coach and Homeopath Rebecca Liston shares a unique insight and commonsense approaches on how she had built her own successful practice and how she coaches others to do the same.

Julie Daniluk on Building Her Career

Author and television personality Julie Daniluk  speaks about her unique perspective on wellness and how she manages her successful career.

Glenn Rumbell on the Legalities of a Nutrition Business

Conversation with Lawyer Glenn Rumbell,  who discusses the legalities around running a nutritional business within Canada. Become well informed and lay many misconceptions to rest.

Eric Marsden on Nutrition and Oncology

Dr. Eric Marsden – Naturopath,  discusses Nutritional Intervention in Oncology Care. It is a fascinating lecture that hones in on the important role nutrition plays in the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Inspired Event – 5 x 15 x 5


Choosing a Quality Supplement

Where We Stand on Regulation 

Confidence Leads to Success 

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Lorna speaks about Everything You Need to Know About Hormones  with particular emphasis on the role of food and nutrition.

Power Hours

Building a Successful Nutrition Biz

Stephanie Long shares 6 Steps to Start Your Nutrition Business and Sign Your First Paying Clients! Learn this 6 step roadmap for your success without a huge social media following or years of experience; top 3 mistakes that most new nutritionists make and how to avoid them. WOW your clients from day one! To access.


Karlien Bester explored antinutrients in food, based on her book A Closer Look at Antinutrients in Food. She shared proven applied kitchen rituals and guidelines on how to best deal with whole grain cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds in the daily diet that reduce antinutrients to safe levels.
To access.

Iron Deficiency

Marla Samuel shares her insight into the various forms of anemia, when to recommend supplements and a review of different cases of iron variations, looking at blood chemistry and lab results. To access.

Jump Start Your Business
Consultations:Best Practises

The first in the Jump Start series explores ways to structure your consultation. Though it is not the only way to conduct business, we are sure will find some helpful hints here.

Jump Start Your Business
Sticky Situations

The second in the Jump Start series explored helpful hints in dealing with 10 of the most common situations you may come across including those around money and insurance. Access here.

Jump Start Your Business
Positioning, Branding, Marketing

The third in the Jump Start series explored how these three tactics work together to help you build a viable business. Access here.

Josh Gitalis on the Merits of Fasting

One of the most powerful tools for achieving a longer health span, according to Gitalis, is fasting. Understanding the process is key to mastering its hidden benefits. Clinical nutritionist and functional practitioner Josh Gitalis will give you a deeper understanding of what is happening in the body in the fed and fasting states. Access here.

Kenzie Osborne: Discover the Enjoyment of Eating

Very helpful insight into how to manage clients who need a more balanced approach to eating. Kenzie offered practical ways to shift mind set while promoting body positivity. You will get some great and simple tools by accessing here.

Vagus Nerve and Health, Dr. Nadine Cyr

Dr. Cyr spoke at length about what the vagus nerve is and how it affects the body. She also provided some clear, hands-on methods to help strengthen the nerve. Access here.

Legal Advice with Glenn Rumbell

We had a fabulous and informative hour with Glenn who answered questions live and through chat. It was a very busy and productive time. Thanks to all who participated.  Access audio only here.

Develop Your Own On-line Course, Marla Samuel/Sabra Way

Marla and Sabra provided invaluable insights and practical tips on planning courses, selecting the right learning platform, and leveraging technology, ensuring you start your online business with confidence and success. Access here.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Marla Samuel

Learn the definitions and symptoms of MCAS and histamine intolerance, the root causes, and practical approaches to reduce reactions with lifestyle tips, nutrition and supplements here.

Add More Plants with Mel Freisen

Want to eat more beans and lentils but don’t know where to start with that bag sitting in your pantry? Which ones are best for which kinds of recipes? Where to buy, cook and store them? We focus on simple steps you can take to incorporate more plant protein sources. Access the Power Hour here.

How to Teach Online with Cynthia Samarian

As founder of the the Culinary Creator Business School, Cynthia provided an outstanding insight into how to share your knowledge with others through teaching online — access here. In addition, CANNP Members were offered a wonderful deal on her program. Details are in the Business Tools section.

Intro to Homeopathy with Marla Samuel

Marla presents a very helpful and complete overview of what homeopathy is and how it was developed, followed by a succinct listing of remedies suitable for the cold and flu season. You can watch the presentation here.

Glenn Rumbell — Answers Your Questions

Glenn joined us for a Power Hour in which he reviewed legislative changes across provinces as reflected in the new edition of his book, as well as how to legally deal with clients virtually and internationally. He then graciously answered attendees questions.

CANNP Optional Health and Dental Insurance Overview

Gavin Mosley reviews the benefits and pricing of this program with emphasis on the flexibility available. Worth looking into! Watch here.

Female Hormone Imbalances

Marla Samuel joined us for a full 1.5 hours to discuss this fascinating and detailed topic. The recording was divided into two part. Part 1 followed by part 2.

Emotional Wellbeing

Marise Foster shared the holistic persepective to health with a focus on Emotional Wellbeing. The hour was highly informative and very insightful. Watch here.

Tackling Picky Eaters

Melanie Friesen brings so many great strategies to this hour — it is jam packed! Learn not just what nutrition to make sure little ones have, but how to make food and meal time fun and manageable. (Sorry, the very very beginning did not record.) Watch here.

Legal Essentials of Your Nutrition Business

Sharon Vanin, lawyer and nutritionist, spoke with attentees about everything from how to structure your business to insurance knowhow to the forms you require to how to keep yourself out of hot water! It was a great Power Hour with lots of questions. Watch here.

Jump Start Your Business: Legal Side

Lawyer Glenn Rumbell joined us for the 2nd in a 5-part Jump Start Your Business Power Hour Series. Glenn offered a great number of steps to take as you venture into private practice and there was quite an active Q and A afterwards. Make sure you get the facts.

Money, Money, Insurance

James Elliot joined us for an enthusiastic take on how to handle the questions around money and having insurance. His big take away was about how to add value to your practice so that money does not become an issue. Listen to his insights here.


Mark Hudgins, CEO and Founder of Modernmeal joined us to give an overview of this amazing tool. Modernmeal helps nutritional professionals collect recipes, analyze nutritional data and provide client access to simplify meal planning. Build meal plans, scale servings, automatically create grocery lists, and easily share with clients. We have arranged for a discounted price for Members.

Practice Better

Practice Better shared a highly informative intro to their platform with some of our Members. You too can access this Power Hour intro.

Building an On-line Brand

Stephanie Sibbio (founder of Vitality Brand Management, joined us to discuss how to build an online brand, from lead generation to social media presence. Stephanie works specifically in the wellness sector and can help bring your vision to life and monetize your brand.

Managing in the Face of Chaos

The wonderfully insightful and entertaining Rebecca Liston joined us to talk about what we can do to stay stable — inside our business and out. Much of the conversation centered around managing in the face of chaos.

Make Your Mark

Cheryl Bishop (cherylb@mymsuccess.com) joined us with the power of Make Your Mark! It was a totally inspirational hour with a fabulous gift for those who attended!

Glenn Rumbell — Lawyerly Advice

Glenn Rumbell explored commonly asked legal questions in a highly informative Power Hour. Access to hear this free legal advice.

Effects of Mindset on Client Success

Marlene Hynd informed our Members about the effects of mindset on client success. It was highly informative and she consented to share her presentation with our Membership.

Metabolic Balance

Power Hour hosted by Michelle Post informed our Members about the value of adding Metabolic Balance to a practice. Learn how you can enhance your practice now!

Money, Money, Money

Sandra Power from our very own Power Hour hosted a very popular discussion called Money, Money, Money. Those of you struggling with money issues will find it especially informative.