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Meal Garden
Another choice for “Professional Members when it comes to meal planning — with a special offer for CANNP Members.
Meal Garden was developed with an agile approach, focused on solving the problems practitioners face day-to-day. Today, it is one of the go-to nutrition tools for hundreds of dedicated health practitioners in a variety of industries. Our goal is to provide the most versatile and capable platform for users to share with clients on the journey to a healthier, happier life.

New Health and Dental Benefit Option and So much More!
We have found a unique approach to benefit plans that leverages group purchasing power to bring better rates and increased coverage to our Members. In addition to health and dental, this plan includes an option for Mental Health Counselling. And there are loads of discounts on items which you know and love!

Equitable Life Insurance
We have written confirmation that CANNP Members are part of an approved association with Equitable Life. Check to see if you client is with this insurer and if their employer has elected Nutritioni as part of their coverage. Be sure to log into Member Only and check the Insurance area for what you can do to help your client get coverage.

New Canadian Supplement Companies
We have been pursuing companies as suggested by the Membership and have secured a number who are willing to offer CANNP Members a discount.

Vitamix Special
Now CANNP Professional Members can own a Vitamix at a discounted price.The offer changes quarterly and will be announced in weekly eblasts to our mailing list. If you have always wanted one — now is the time! Use the code in the Members Only area and get blending!

Another Add to Research Tools
We were asked by a Member to see what we could do to get access to — a subscription that makes it easy to stay on top of nutrition research. Members get access to a comprehensive database of all the research on a supplement or health topic, 150+ summaries of the newest studies every month, and in-depth analysis of the most important and interesting studies. We did it!! And got Members a great price.

New Discounted Products and Services

  1. Practice Better — the complete nutrition practice management platform for health and wellness professionals. at a special 6 month price for CANNP Members.
  2. Modernmeal — helps nutritional professionals collect recipes, analyze nutritional data and provide client access to simplify meal planning. A discounted price for CANNP Members — offsets the US dollar amount!
  3. Healing Cannabis Edibles, Exploring the Synergy of Power Herbs, is a Cannabis 101 as well as a cookbook.  It helps readers understand the components of the plant — its cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes and how each one has its own healing powers and how they work with one another. A special CANNP Member purchase price. Just ask us!

Insurance News

CANNP is taking the administrative load off some of our main insurers by creating limited access to our database. This means if a Member is late renewing, there is the potential that an insurance claim will be rejected. We have informed the Membership of this change and hope that everyone renews on a timely basis.

Sunlife –  We have news about Sunlife coverage as well available in the Members Only section of this site.

Blue Cross Alberta –  Members can now register to submit client claims on line — a great service from you to the client. More information is in the Members only section, Insurance.

Goodlife Membership!!! Members can now register for a Goodlife Corporate Membership at a huge discount!! It comes with all the perks but you will need a valid NNCP number to quality!!

For TrueView Users – Important Tips to Allow You to Continue to Use the Program

  1. Read the entire overview before you begin. It can be found in the bottom left corner of the any of the Excel spreadsheets
  2. When you get the word document back from your client, take a quick glance to ensure that all the spots are filled in appropriately — with numbers 0-5.
  3. When pasting the client numbers, place the curser in the column cell under 0 to 5 and next to the first symptom described.
  4. When pasting, use the “paste special” option and click on “value” or “text.” This will allow you to continue to use the form properly.