I Have a Consultation! Help!

You have made the decision to become a nutritional consultant. You are expecting your first client. You are so excited, and nervous! You may be wondering just how to start. Every practitioner is as unique as the client he/she sees and we are here to tell you there is no single

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Certified and Registered — What do they mean?

Whenever I see such accreditations being offered the first thing I ask is “Certified” or “Registered” by whom? As there is no national or provincial governing body for nutritionists ­– such titles do not reflect any kind of official industry accreditation.

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A Holistic Nutrition Perspective by Rose O’Leary, CSNN

Re: Recent petition to ‘protect “nutritionist” as a professional designation for Registered Dietitians’ Currently in Ontario, the Registered Dietitians (RDs) want the word “nutritionist” to be exclusively used by registered dietitians because they believe that the word is “widely misunderstood by the public” and they state “the ultimate goal of this initiative is to protect […]

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