Power Hour Purchase – 2

All Members are welcome to attend Power Hours. Reserve your spot with a $10 fee, totally refundable if you attend.

I am a CANNP Member in good standing and I would like to attend the Jumpstart Your Business – 4 weeks of Power Hours

Every Tuesday at 11 am we will be holding a Power Hour meant to help your business succeed.
Week 1 – Consultations:Best Practices (March 5)
Week 2 – Sticky Situations (March 12)
Week 3 – Positioning, Branding, Marketing (March 19)
Week 4 – TrueView (March 26)

Join CANNP learn and connect with others.


Hold your spots for all four weeks, once a week.

I understand that in order to hold my space for all 4 weeks, I must pay a $40 fee which will be totally refunded should I take my spot in the webinars. Spots will be refunded at the rate of $10 per webinar.