Insurance – Members

Information about liability insurance for Members as well as what Members need to know about client coverage.

Coverage of NNCP Services

We are pleased to announce that ManulifeiA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, Equitable Life Insurance, ClaimSecure Inc. and Blue Cross Alberta have done their due diligence and have chosen to recognize the services of NNCPs and RNTs, who remain in good standing with the CANNP. To be very specific, “Be advised, that in order to consider nutritional claims for reimbursement, the provider must be in good standing with the professional association. CANNP is such a recognized association.” So, if you have a client with Equitable Life, Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, ClaimSecure Inc. or Blue Cross Alberta coverage, have them check that your services as an NNCP and/or RNT are covered. This applies if the client coverage includes nutrition or nutritional counseling services.

As well, Sunlife now offers some employers a Personal Spending Account within which Nutrition Counseling is covered.

For Members who are attempting to get GreenShield coverage for their clients, you may wish to register at When asked what kind of provider you are, our Association is under the Social Worker/Counselor section. Approval and credential checks take approximately 7 days.

For Members whose clients use Blue Cross Alberta, you may wish to register with them allowing you to submit claims online and access user guides, comprehensive reporting tools and up-to-date information.

Your clients should all submit an insurance receipt to let their employer know of the increasing desire for our services. Be sure that the receipts that you produce for your client includes the words ‘paid,”  “Nutritional Counseling” and include your CANNP Insurance Receipt with your CANNP Member number.

Our database of Members is now directly available to the insurers. In order to have the best chance of having your services covered when applicable, it is important to not let your membership lapse.

We urge all Members to build your business with the thought of being valuable to your clients — whether they are likely to have insurance or not. Individuals will pay for something that they feel adds value for them.

1,000 Reasons Why

We have been working behind the scenes preparing for an important insurance campaign called 1,000 Reasons Why.  The belief is that taking 1,000 authentic reasons why a client would want to pursue Holistic Nutrition as a personal health choice, would be highly compelling and difficult for insurers to turn away from.
As such, we have a new link on the home page of our site called “Take Action.” Once the client clicks on it, the client is redirected to a very short survey asking for name, email, province and one simple reason why. Once all the entries are compiled, we will present to the outstanding insurers to entice them to offer us written confirmation of coverage.
To assist you in assisting your client, we have compiled a lengthy list of reasons which you and your client can choose from, or come up with one yourself. The list can be found in the For Your Use section.
It is all hands on deck for this one please!! Getting coverage is good for us as well as your clients so it should be pretty easy to entice them to help out. For those who visit you in person or on zoom over the next several weeks, please assist them in completing the form. For those clients who you are not actually meeting with, please reach out with the letter we have provided in the For Your Use section.
We have tried to take all the guess work out and make participation very easy for you and your client. Let’s make it happen!

(You will receive a “thank you” poster from us via email!)

Liability Insurance

A favourable rate for well-researched and comprehensive insurance is available through two reputable companies, with Membership. Members are not required to take the insurance offered, but must show proof of adequate insurance. If you are not presently practising, please contact us regarding your insurance purchase.

New Members need not been issued an NNCP number to apply as the insurer will check on your status from us directly.
Renewing Members will receive a policy directly from insurer but must be CANNP Members in good standing to receive favourable rate.

Brokerlink or Zensurance

A – Brokerlink

If you do not have valid insurance for the year, you can contact Brokerlink to complete their application at 877-768-2262.

Presently CANNP Members are offered an exclusive premium — limit of $5 million malpractice insurance plus $5 million general liability, $25,000 legal expense coverage for $224/year. Some modalities will incur additional fees. All policies will expire one year from acceptance and include a $1000 deductible on General Liability. Policies are “occurrence” based.

B – Zensurance

If you do not have valid insurance for the year, use this link to secure a quick on-line quote having you up and running immediately.

CANNP Members are offered an exclusive premium — limit of $5,000,000 malpractice insurance plus $2 million of General liability, $10,000 of Disciplinary and Hearing coverage, no deductible and on-going legal advice for $180/year. General Liability can be increased if so desired and more coverage, including cyber liability, as well a specific modality coverage is available upon request. All policies will expire one year from acceptance and do not incur a deductible. Policies are “claims” based.


Extended Health/Dental

Option 1

As one of the clearest, most uncomplicated options we have come across, you may want to consider ClearBenefits. Just like it’s name, this company produces a simple, easy to access program which is reasonably priced, guarantees issue and has no medical questionnaire so there are no pre-existing condition exclusions. On most fronts this program fairs very well when compared to other more traditional benefits programs. Those under 70 years of age are eligible.

Look for yourself!

To learn more, click here to review the plans available and the monthly cost. Please see pages 5, 6, and 7.

Enrolling is easy. Please click here to complete the on-line application. 

If you have any questions please contact Cheryl Soloman at (647) 692-9106 or email

Option 2

CANNP has found a one-of-a-kind program that leverages the group purchasing power to bring better rates and better health plan coverage to our members.
Select the plan that best fit your needs and budget. This flexible coverage is available to individual owners and their families without the need for a medical questionnaire. This means that pre-existing conditions will not be excluded in most GroupBenefitz plans in Canada!

PLUS GroupBenefitz offers CANNP Members loads of other discounts on items you use without having to actually sign up for the Health/Dental program. It is easy to sign in and start exploring.
Monthly premiums are tax-deducible as a business expense.

GroupBenefitz offers 2 plans for you to choose from:

  • Health and Dental Care Insurance
  • Income Replacement Insurance

PLUS the plan offers CANNP Members loads of other discounts on stuff you use without having to actually sign up for the Health/Dental program.

Enjoy discounts, Cash Back and perks on the brands you know and love in a variety of categories:

  • Apparel
  • Shopping
  • Health and Wellness
  • Food and delivery
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Travel, Auto, and Insurance

1)Go to:

2)Use CANNP referral code MPTPKB to sign up and start exploring.

3)Complete registration can be done all on line. It’s easy!

4)After signing up, download the smart phone app called BenefitHub

If you require further guidance, please contact Cheryl Soloman