Advantages — Basic and Ongoing

Much of what the CANNP is free to Professional Members and the list is always growing and evolving.

Use of NNCP (Registered Nutritional Therapist option)
Designation is part of every professional membership with the optional title for those who qualify and purchase.

Free giveaways
Almost every month we offer a free giveaway. Some are to aid in business building while others are meant to share with clients, saving you time and effort. Twice a year we offer a design critique so that you can be sure that what you are printing is on the right track.

Free Power Hours
Most months we host an expert in a variety of fields. All happily share their tremendous insight with our Members.

Free podcast library
We have acquired quite a long list of podcasts, some from our Power Hours and others from others who have shared their valuable time with us.

Free Graphic Critique
Two times a year we offer Members the opportunity to see what they are doing right and what they may consider changing in their printed materials — logo and brochure or flyer.

Free Power Hours
Most months we host an expert in a variety of field

Free research library
The place to go when you are looking for sites, articles and research to be sure that you are up-to-date.

Free newsletter The Voice
Four times a year we produce an 8-page newsletter of news, knowledge and niceties for our Members. A worthwhile read!

Free mentoring 12-part series
When we are able, and when requested, we pair a more seasoned professional with a new grad. For those times when we are unable, we have a 12-part mentoring series resident on our site to help the new grad get started.

Free use of letters, logo/brochure if desired
To assist in presenting yourself in the best light and to add credibility to your practice, we offer a variety of options.

Free presentations about holistic nutrition
Ideal to have on your site these presentations help the potential client detemine whether holistic nutrition is the best path for them and help to underscore the difference between NNCPs and others in the industry.

All the “behind the scenes” work on behalf of industry — Insurance Challenge, Government lobbying, CAN and general trouble shooting. The CANNP executive and board are always working to improve the status of our industry.