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What makes the CANNP different?

The CANNP is presently the only member-driven, professional Association specifically for Canadian Nutritional Counsellors, with a focus on building successful careers in the field and providing exciting, innovative initiatives. We are paving the way and engaging like no other nutrition related association has before!


Why the designation NNCP since we are an unregulated profession, with no governing body?

NNCP was originally chosen after much careful thought because it could to be used across the country. With provincial changes, members must stay current and adhere to local laws that impact designations, particularly in Alberta and Quebec. NNCP does indicate exactly  what we do – encourage and educate regarding the impact of nutrition.


Can I use the title Registered Nutritional Therapist?

The title is available to those members who continue to remain in good standing with CANNP as NNCP’s, and who have at minimum 3 years of experience in the field. There are qualification requirements meant to determine depth of knowledge and focus of the applicant. Those in Alberta and Quebec must adhere to Provincial regulations.


What sorts of research avenues are available to me?

At no additional cost, professional members via our Members Only section, have access to a Research Library that highlights websites, journals, stats and apps found to be helpful to nutritionists and complementary practitioners. Much of the focus we provide centers on business development such as our newsletter articles, Power Hours and Tag the Expert podcasts.


How can I get help?

For the quickest response to your questions, we suggest reaching us via email (info@cannp.ca). The goal is to answer emails within 24 hours. The CANNP phone line is also available for questions or comments. Calls are returned by either principle of the association – always. Whenever possible, upon request, Members will be partnered with a mentor or another recent grad. An enhanced 12-part mentorship program is available as a helpful guidance tool, at no additional cost to Members. The Ready, Set, Chat forum, on facebook, is also available to Members seeking insight or answers to questions.


When can I join?

Now! whether a recent grad, seasoned professional or nutritional student. If you are new to the CANNP complete the application form and upload, email or fax the other required documents as outlined in the Qualifications area and remit payment.

Renewing Members can find the Upgrading Form  and the Application under the Renew link. Remember to remit payment to complete your application.

Whenever you join you receive 12 months of membership — so no need to postpone. New members who have past professional affiliations or several years of experience can contact us directly for special application consideration.

Students can now test drive CANNP for free. Though there is no access to the Members Only area — that is saved for professional Membership — students can participate in the Ready, Set, Chat forum and receive most of the giveaways, all the news and newsletters. It is a good way to really learn what is going on and all that is offered.


What is the next step for the CANNP?

We are always pursuing innovative ways to enhance value for our members and have some very exciting plans for the coming year, some of which are available only through our Members Only page. We will maintain our established efforts to help our Members pursue successful businesses and we will continue and enhance many of our existing programs. We will work to position our profession in a favorable, forthright and formidable direction. Watch upcoming eblasts and newsletters for the latest details.




What are we planning to do about getting insurance companies to cover our services?

Presently we have several of the larger insurance companies covering our services, if the client/employer chose specifically to have nutritional counseling included in the policy. These include Manulife, iA Financial Group, Claimsecure, Greenshield Canada and Blue Cross Alberta, with more surely to follow. We only publicize those from who we have specific confirmation of coverage for NNCPs. Few other insurance companies cover the services of holistic nutritionists in Canada unless under their umbrella health policy. Please know that this is true regardless of your professional designation. That said, we are actively working to better educate both the public and insurance companies about the benefits of what we do with the intent to get more support.


The E & O insurance seems to be more than some of the others that I have found in the industry. Is there a reason for this?

We researched the industry to secure a policy that we felt was comprehensive and of good value. Our understanding is that the policy provides us with “malpractice”, which is rarely needed in our industry, but also with general liability that is much more commonly required. It covers damages that may occur in the place of operation. Some homeowner policies also offer this coverage but apparently not too many, specifically when there is an operational commercial enterprise. In these instances, the practitioner may be required to purchase additional commercial coverage. Every situation is unique, and therefore evaluated individually, but if the practitioner rents space the building owner may or may not extend to include the business operation of the renter. Important insurance information to consider.




What is your position on pursuing recognition?

Since public desire pushes all mainstream recognition, our focus is on ensuring the public knows what a NNCP can accomplish. Then western medicine will follow suit and perhaps at some point insurance companies and government, but it all starts with the successful practitioner, reaching the public.

CANNP, under the umbrella of CAN, is working directly with the Ministries of Health and the various dietician groups to better differentiate ourselves and establish the natural nutrition brand.


Why does CANNP not have a certification process?

We are an unregulated profession, with no governing body, so the words “certified”, “registered” and “board certified” mean only that one is recognized by the institution that bestows the title. In the holistic nutrition field, we are mandated to not appear to be or represent ourselves as a regulated professional. In other words, we cannot do anything that might appear as though we are attempting to represent ourselves as, for example, a medical professional.


Other Issues


How can I order the Holistic Nutritionists Legal Guide?

Glenn Rumbell, a lawyer who is actively involved in Canada’s growing community of independent nutritional advisers, wrote this must-have manual for anyone who seeks to provide the services of an independent “Holistic Nutritionist” in Canada. “The Holistic Nutritionist’s Guide to Lawful Practice in Canada” is a reader-friendly introduction to the major laws that regulate the provision of our services. It is designed to provide the information independent nutritionists need to know, from the restrictions that exist on the use of professional titles, to the specific procedures that can be safely performed within each province of Canada. Click here for more information. To read an excerpt from the book click here. The book is only available now in an electronic format. To order please send us an email at info@cannp.ca.