FHMatch.com is the best all-in-one platform to get allow you to be discovered, to chat with and book clients, and to manage your schedule. The basic package is free or upgrade to the Premium package for added tools. CANNP Members receive a 30% discount on this upgrade.


Fullscript (formally HealthWave)  allows nutritionists to set up your own virtual dispensary, allowing you to recommend natural health products to clients – all without the hassle of carrying and managing inventory.

You construct your own pre-stocked dispensary from more than 20,000 products, receive professional pricing and have products drop shipped on your behalf. You set your pricing and clients pay you directly. It’s simple and free.




Body and Mind is a professional dispensary and health food store providing the highest quality in natural health products including professional brands. Body and Mind also has an excellent selection of gluten free foods, organic meats, wild caught fish, hypoallergenic and organic soaps, make up and deodorant. For more information please contact elana.korman@bmsresources.ca .




CanPrev  an all-Canadian company developing & marketing premium natural health products that meet, or exceed, the most rigorous standards in the industry (vegetable capsules, GMO free with no binders, fillers or artificial colours and are gluten, sugar, dairy, corn and pollen free, GMP standards)  For more information call 1-888-226-7733 or take advantage of complimentary webinars.




Since clients are each biochemically individual, they need a personal approach. Meal plans generated by Metabolic Balance®  are based on 30+ blood values as well as a health profile, with controlling insulin a key principle. Symptomology is addressed by way of 8 simple rules and the use of real foods. For more information  vera.jamin@can.metabolic-balance.com .




Cold-Q™ is an all natural oral spray designed to provide antiviral, immune enhancing, and anti-inflammatory properties to attack a cold or flu virus at the very first sign of symptoms.



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To purchase The Holistic Nutritionist’s Guide to Lawful Practice in Canada by Glenn Rumbell, click here.






Unsurpassed in its authority and scope, this thoroughly researched text is carefully referenced with over 90 well-known contributors, the extensive list of topics includes the most recent additions of drug interactions, positive mental attitude, preventative genomics, cancer, and endometriosis, plus coverage of additional natural remedies. Click here  to explore the Table of Contents and sample chapters.





Galen’s Watch is FREE to all professional CANNP Members. This publication focuses on complementary medicine and presents as a summary of current research, reviewing human studies sourced from over 80 peer-reviewed journals. It is available 6 times per year.

Notification of new issues will be available via email and access through the Members Only  section of the site.




The Natural Health Products Protection Association  is federally incorporated as a non-profit company with the sole object of Protecting access to Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements. By limiting its purpose to protecting access to Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements, the NHPPA will focus on identifying and responding to threats                                                                                             facing the Natural Health Product and Dietary Supplement industry.