Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award

CANNP is proud to announce that we received an award from Global Health and Pharmaceutical, 2020. It is the GHP Award for Innovation and Excellence in Holistic Nutrition, based on our contribution to the industry.


Saved by Nutrition
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Saved by Nutrition is an anthology of triumphs through the use of Holistic Nutrition. These are real stories by real nutritionists who found their way to the industry by using nutrition themselves to heal personal health issues.

The stories will give hope to your clients as they come to understand that seeing you as a Holistic Nutritionist can lead them down a path toward wellness.

Saved by Nutrition is proof that professionals in our industry can make a huge difference in the lives of everyday people.

CANNP is proud to bring Members the meditation app Headspace at a subscription price at 40% off.


CANNP is proud to bring Two Journal Subscription Options to our Membership at 70% off the usual price!

These are wonderful research tools which every Member should consider exploring.

  1. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (ACM) which is the leading peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research for the evaluation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine into mainstream medical practice and
  2. Alternative and Complementary Therapies (ACT) which delivers practical and evidence-based research on integrating alternative medical therapies and approaches into private practice or hospital integrative medicine programs.

Members interested in delving deeper into this offer can do so by logging into the Members only area and looking under Research Tools.


CANNP has composed a list of potential titles for use. Please check that your title is suitable for your particular province.


CANNP is taking the administrative load off some of our main insurers by creating limited access to our database. This means if a Member is late renewing, there is the potential that an insurance claim will be rejected. We have informed the Membership of this change and hope that everyone renews on a timely basis.


ClaimSecure Inc. –  We have written confirmation that CANNP Members are part of an approved association with ClaimSecure. Check to see if you client is with this insurer and be sure to log into Member Only and check the Insurance area for what you can do to help your client get coverage.

Sunlife –  We have news about Sunlife coverage as well available in the Members Only section of this site.


Blue Cross Alberta –  Members can now register to submit client claims on line — a great service from you to the client. More information is in the Members only section, Insurance.


Goodlife Membership!!! Members can now register for a Goodlife Corporate Membership at a huge discount!! It comes with all the perks but you will need a valid NNCP number to quality!!


Colour Your Plate Talking Produce –  CANNP has developed a series of 1-minute movies are directed to children, teaching them about fruit and vegetables (and healthy eating more generally) in a fun way:
Andy the Adorable Apple
Alex the Awesome Asparagus
Betsy the Beautiful Broccoli
Carl the Crazy Crunchy Carrot
Clair the Cool Cucumber
Sammy Super Strong Spinach
They are available to Members for an administration fee of $20 for access to all 6 which we have offered to Members to date.
Available either at time of Application or from the “Products for Members” section.


Presentations for Web Sharing or Distribution to Clients – CANNP has put together 4 short video presentations about the following topics:
Food Therapy – Tips for Digestion
Label Reading
They are available to Members for an administration fee of $20 for access to all four.
Review the contents in the Member-only area of the cannp.ca site under “Business Tools.” Available to Professional Members only either at time of Application or from the “Products for Members” section.


For TrueView Users – Important Tips to Allow You to Continue to Use the Program

  1. Read the entire overview before you begin. It can be found in the bottom left corner of the any of the Excel spreadsheets
  2. When you get the word document back from your client, take a quick glance to ensure that all the spots are filled in appropriately — with numbers 0-5.
  3. When pasting the client numbers, place the curser in the column cell under 0 to 5 and next to the first symptom described.
  4. When pasting, use the “paste special” option and click on “value” or “text.” This will allow you to continue to use the form properly.