Mondernmeal helps nutritional professionals collect recipes, analyze nutritional data and provide client access to simplify meal planning. It is fabulous option for enhancing your business. The digital recipe tool allows you to create, search, import or copy recipes to build your collection. Build meal plans, scale servings, automatically create grocery lists, and easily share with clients. Access powerful nutritional analysis tool for any recipe in your account.

Create customized meal plans and group recipes into collections for your clients to give them great tasting, healthy options. Clients can use your prescribed meal plans, or create their own and track their daily nutritional values, instantly create digital grocery lists, and simplify cooking. Add to your client offering and the opportunity to supplement your income by exposing clients to this comprehensive and easy to use platform.

Special pricing for CANNP Members.


Mentoring Culture

CANNP promotes a mentoring culture. We offer opportunities for seasoned Members to assist new graduates through a partnering or in the Ready, Set, Chat forum. We require 3 hours of mentoring from all Members after their first year. We also offer a Tag the Expert podcast series allowing Members access to the advice of a lawyer, business coaches, naturopaths and others. We offer a special discounted Membership rate to new and nearly new graduates. As well, we have a 12-part mentoring program resident in the Members Only section.

*CANNP makes every attempt to pair seasoned members with new graduates however this is not always possible. We have therefore, created a mentoring culture by encouraging involvement in our Ready, Set, Chat group and providing a 12-part Mentoring Program on the Members only section of our site


Metabolic Balance® Coach Program

Metabolic Balance is an add-on tool that can enhance any nutrition practice. The program fits neatly within an existing or new practice and makes it easy to produce a personal nutrition plan for clients — usually within 24-48 hours. Special pricing is available for CANNP Members who wish to become Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches. To register contact Vera Jamin.


Practice Better

Practice Better is the complete nutrition practice management platform for health and wellness professionals. It is a one-stop solution for managing professional recommendations, bookings, payments and tracking client progress.

Customize your availability and allow clients to book on line. Create notes, protocols and recommendations for health concerns you routinely encounter. Set up modifiable templates to meet individual needs. It is a comprehensive solution to help you manage your practice and the entire client journey, with several pricing options as you grow.

Test drive for free and whenever you are comfortable, as a CANNP Member, you receive a special rate for six full months!


That Clean Life

The best way to create beautiful meal plans, help your clients achieve success and grow your wellness business. Access our growing database of professionally photographed recipes, and provide your clients with Programs they will actually be excited about.

Generate meal plans with a grocery list, recipes and prep guide in minutes. Save time, and know your clients will be impressed and get the value they want.

Streamline the creation of custom resources your clients need to get the results they want, and turn them into successful raving fans

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