Newsworthy provides practitioners with a ready-made opportunity to stay in touch with your email list, 12 times a year. Written and designed by a graphic artist, turned nutritionist — the best of both worlds — Newsworthy is a convenient way to stay top-of-mind with present and potential clients, with very little effort.

Business Plan Template

A comprehensive outline of all the important questions that a successful business owner should ask from time-to-time. A business plan will keep your practice on track by helping you to evaluate where you business has been, where it is presently, and where it is heading. It comes in two formats — one on-line and one to print and hand write.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit comes with 10 helpful consulting forms which are a great jumping off point as you start your business. They include: Client Statement, Lifestyle Intake, Healthier Food Guide, Digestive Diagram, Protocol/Recommendations, Elimination Approach 1 and 2, Food Diary, Statement/Order, Receipt and Appointment Notes — all in either docx or pdf format. The kit comes complete with an extensive document outlining recommendations as to when and how to use each form.

Menu Plan

Members can access a 3-week menu plan that will act as a helpful starting point for those who require this guidance.  You may wish to use it as is, or enhance it to meet special needs as required. Special care was taken to include money saving strategies in using leftovers and recipes.

Lorisian Food Intolerance Testing

Do you find that, despite maintaining a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle, some of your clients struggle to optimize their health and well-being and often experience recurring digestive complaints or fatigue?
YorkTest Laboratories has 35 years of expertise in the field of food intolerance testing and is offering Lorisian Food Intolerance Testing to CANNP Members at an exclusive discount.
*Always be sure to respect the laws of your province and stay within your scope of practice.