FREE Student Membership – To celebrate 2018, our 10th year, CANNP has decided to offer students a free limited membership to the Association. It is one of the ways that we are giving back to the students of our approved schools.
To take advantage of this offer go onto the CANNP site (cannp.ca) and apply as a student Member.


CAN – 
CANNP has spearheaded this group of valuable and dynamic individuals who are working to help sustain the industry. We are presently working on defining what holistic/natural nutritionists do, how we differ from others in the industry and where we fit in. All ideas are welcome to info@cannp.ca


Power Hour – 
Stay connected by taking part in the monthly Power hour. Take to opportunity to collaborate more with your peers.  Following the monthly theme discussion we’ll open to any and all questions about challenges or questions you might have about your business and coaching clients. Registration is required. Don’t miss this unique CANNP benefit helping to keep you connected!


For TrueView Users – Important Tips to Allow You to Continue to Use the Program

  1. Read the entire overview before you begin. It can be found in the bottom left corner of the any of the Excel spreadsheets
  2. When you get the word document back from your client, take a quick glance to ensure that all the spots are filled in appropriately — with numbers 0-5.
  3. When pasting the client numbers, place the curser in the column cell under 0 to 5 and next to the first symptom described.
  4. When pasting, use the “paste special” option and click on “value” or “text.” This will allow you to continue to use the form properly.


Lorisian Food Intolerance Testing – 
As part of an exciting launch in Canada, Lorisian is offering an exclusive 10% discount for all CANNP members. This discount applies to the Lorisian 150plus – the most inclusive test – covering over 150 food and drink ingredients. For details go the Members Only section of the site.


FHMatch – 
CANNP has entered into an agreement with FHMatch to provide Members with an unbelievable benefit! FHMatch.com is the best all-in-one platform to get allow you to be discovered, to chat with and book clients, and to manage your schedule. The basic package is free or, as a CANNP Member, you can upgrade to the Premium offering and save 30%!


iA Financial Group – 
We are so proud to have brought significant change to the entire industry. We have written confirmation from this insurer! Clients of NNCPs and RNTs (NT’s) will get coverage of services provided if nutritional counseling services are specified on employer benefits. Please ensure that all clients submit a claim so that the desire for nutritional coverage becomes known.


ColdQ Offer – 
New Member benefit. Be sure to check out the Other Great Deals in the Members Only section for this latest discount.