Question of Insurance 



Coverage of NNCP Services

The door has opened and we are proud to report that the services provided by NNCPs and RNTs are covered! So far we have confirmation from Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield and Blue Cross Alberta. These companies, as well as a few smaller insurers, all require the client/employer to have chosen ‘nutritional counselling’ as a policy option. Be sure to read The Voice for updates and  ‘opt-in’ to receive the latest news in eblasts.


Liability Insurance

Competitive, comprehensive professional liability insurance at a special CANNP rate.

A favourable rate for well-researched insurance is available through Lackner McLennan, with Membership. Members are not required to take the insurance offered, but must show proof of adequate insurance when applying.

If you are presently not practicing, please  Contact Us  regarding required insurance.


Extended Health and Dental

Ideal for those who work independently or in a clinic arrangement without any sort of benefit option, Members can now purchase Extended Health and Dental coverage from one of Canada’s specialists in innovative group and individual benefits programs. Options include vision care, paramedic, out of country and more.