CAN – Canadian Action for Nutrition

Action Required — Your Practice May Depend Upon It!

First Step – Sign the Government Approved Petition

Time is of the essence.
CAN (Canadian Action for Nutrition) has developed a petition to meet the requirements as set out by government.  It is imperative that we all obtain as many signatures as possible to show the Minister of Health that we are a strong community.  This is the first step in protecting our right to call ourselves nutritionists and without your support, we risk losing that right.  We encourage every practitioner to print off the petition and acquire at least 25 signatures from anyone in your community. We suggest that you leave a copy at your local health food store/health clinic/place of employment. The government will only consider petitions with written signatures (not copies or electronic versions), which is why this format is so important. When you have collected what you can, please mail them directly to CAN at 335 St. Andrew Street East, Fergus, ON  N1M 1R3 and we will compile them for presentation. Timing is crucial, so please send them to us by September 29. For more details please view the Petition video. We thank you for your support and will update you regularly on industry developments.

Next Step – Share the Definition

CAN, Canadian Action for Nutrition, has pooled the input which we have received to form a clear definition of who we are and what we do.
Our success in sustaining the industry centres on public awareness and creating public demand for our services.
To that end, we urge you to share this definition with your contacts, clients and social networking, thanking them for their support of holistic health.
We are working on lobbying efforts and our plan is underway. Expect updates!

Final Step – Take Our 8 Question Survey

We are attempting to contact as many nutritionists as possible to gather statistics in order to identify more about our population. These questions centre on what other degrees or designations you hold;  other modalities you work with; how long you have worked in the profession; where and how you work.
It will take you less then 5 minutes.
It will not be held with your name or any other identification.
If someone has spoken to you about this survey, and you have already given answers, we appreciate your participation but please do not complete the survey twice.
Our plan is to make this pertinent information part of our lobbying efforts.
Download it to your desktop, save it with a name, complete and email as an attachment to

Thank you in advance for your support and attention.


The initial meeting of CAN — Canadian Action for Nutrition Video

CAN convened November 16th, informally chaired by Glenn Rumbell, lawyer and director of the CANNP.

In attendance by invitation: Wendy Gibson, Beth Gorbet, Glenn Rumbell, Paul Fink (CANNP), Rose O’Leary and Karen Gilman (CSNN), Marlene Marshall (Edison), Elizabeth and George Papadopoulos (IHN), Lorene Sauro (CAHN-Pro), Michelle Weir and Patricia Farouk (CSNN Alumni), Briana Santoro (The Naked Label), Sandra Power (Health Coach Success Hub), Margo Laing and Jill Hillhouse. There were others invited, unable to attend.

Why this meeting: Wendy Gibson, Co-Executive Director, CANNP

CANNP was going to undertake this initiative on our own but felt that bringing together a broader group of industry minds would allow the goals to be accomplished faster and more completely.

The situation in Alberta was certainly an impetus for the formation of CAN with the potential threat looming for the rest of the country. To date in the provinces affected, the regulated group (dieticians) has not had any push-back from an organized coalition.

Ultimately, the plan forward would be a ‘proactive’ action as opposed to ‘reactive’, with the notion that it is always harder to reclaim lost ground down the road.

To that end, the thought is to fully and powerfully establish our own identity and open the doors to discussion on how best to proceed with educating the public, and lobbying government and insurers.

The next step: It was generally agreed that a core, overseeing group, be formed from those in attendance. This group will develop priorities and objectives to be undertaken with subgroups of volunteers.

We will keep the Membership posted.